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Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes in Kukatpally (KPHB Colony)

Diabetes is a metabolic issue, in which the individual has high blood glucose levels. It is of two kinds Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes, in Type 1, the body doesnt make enough insulin while in Type 2 the body doesnt utilize insulin well. The ...

Posted: 87 days ago

Suffering from migraine pain? Get relief with Homeopathy (Jubileehills)

A migraine headache could be a result of specific changes in the brain, in this recurrent headache with moderate to severe pain are observed. Symptoms of a migraine include eye pain, aura, severe headache, sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, a...

Posted: 88 days ago

FED UP with Hair loss? Get cured with Homeopathy (Begumpet)

Hair loss in a raising problem nowadays, most of the people are experiencing seen in both men and women, whereas in men baldness may appear and in women thinning of hair is seen. symptoms include gradual thining on top of the head, hair loss in pa...

Posted: 100 days ago

Suffering from Piles pain? Get rid with Homeopathy (Begumpet)

Piles (or) Hemorrhoids are swelling inside around the anus, these are masses of tissue. Piles are classified into internal piles (within the rectum) and external piles (around the anus). People over 45 years of age get affected mostly and it can ...

Posted: 102 days ago

Are you suffering from Piles? Get cured with Homeopathy (Miya pur)

Piles are reffered as hemorrhoids, which is an severe condition created due to swollen veins in rectum and anus area. Generally, there are two types namely, Internal Piles and External piles. Based on the condition of the person, treatment varies ...

Posted: 107 days ago

Instant Relief from Diabetes in Kukatpally (Kukatpally)

Diabetes mellitus (DM) occurs when glucose levels are too high in body fluids. Glucose comes from the food we eat. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose to reach the cells to give them energy. There are different types of diabetes namely Ty...

Posted: 107 days ago

Thyroid Treatment with Homeopathy (Masab Tank)

Thyroid is an endocrine gland, consisting of two lobes connected by isthmus also known as Butterfly shaped gland located in front of the neck. The gland produces thyroid hormones which help in regulating metabolic rate. The thyroid hormones triiod...

Posted: 108 days ago